Nurturing Again Program… with Baby

Nurturing Again Program… with Baby

Nurturing Again… with Baby
A Vital Program for Those with Dementia

$89 (plus shipping)
Includes life-like baby and care program

Holding a baby brings individuals back to a time in early parenthood when they were secure in caring for an infant. Both women and men with dementia are positively affected when nurturing a baby. They coddle and speak to the baby and this translates to a greater sense of well-being.

Babies provide a new level of communication between cognitively impaired individuals and caregivers. Caregivers can discover more about an individual’s history and reminisce about the past. Babies can change undesirable cycles and modify behavior… lessening the use of sedatives. Babies can also help to restore some independence.
  • Details

    Our Baby Program Includes:
    • Babies are approximately 18” tall and weigh up to 5 lbs.
    • Body has a firm core and soft squeezable touch
    • Head has weight and movement
    • Baby comes dressed in newborn attire with bib
    • Choose Lighter-Skin or Darker-Skin, Boy or Girl
    • Care Giver Cue Card
    • Care Plan and Activities (Group and Individual)
    • Research Resources on Use of Babies in Dementia Care for Staff and Families