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Want to “test the waters” with our Brainy Day Product and Activities? You can now order these 4 individual products and activities: wheelee balls, tabletop bocce, food and nutrition and Nurturing Baby. And don’t forget… this is also the perfect way to add product to your Brainy Day Activity Program.

Wheelee Balls - 24.00
It was our desire to find a way to offer exercise that was fun and exciting while inspiring participation. The physical exercises with the Wheelee Ball can do just that. Holding the ball helps awaken the senses so the person with dementia can join in successfully. 2 balls are included so the care provider can demonstrate the exercises. In addition to exercise, there is a fun musical activity.
Bocce Disk - 20.00
Competition that is fun and affirming was the intent of choosing this activity. When dementia claims life’s journey, with it comes many losses. This game has many opportunities to provide the feeling of victory while encouraging laughter and pleasure. These are brightly colored quality plastic disks with dense foam edges. You can play bocce, as well as many other activities.
Food & Nutrition - 38.00
Eating is often one of the areas of concern for many care providers. As the person with dementia eats less (or more) because of forgetfulness or lack of appetite, nutrition can become a critical matter. Our Food and Nutrition activities will assist the care provider through discussion, visualization and hands-on manipulation. Product includes beautiful photographic 5x7” laminated cards, a stacking sandwich and laminated sheet of sandwich shapes for matching.
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Nurturing Again Baby Program - 89.00
A Vital Program for Those with Dementia
Nurturing Again… with Baby

Includes life-like baby and care program

Holding a baby brings individuals back to a time in early parenthood when they were secure in caring for an infant. Both women and men with dementia are positively affected when nurturing a baby. They coddle and speak to the baby and this translates to a greater sense of well-being.

Care program and educational materials included.
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