The Brainy Day Activity Program


The “Brainy Day Activity Program” was created to provide daily activities to enhance the lives of individuals with dementia. This turnkey program is self-contained, user-friendly and works equally well at home or in a long-term care community.


The Brainy Day Activity Program includes our sturdy yellow tote, 7 individual resealable bags with product and over 67 individual and group activities that were created to meet the cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals with memory loss. Each bag contains product(s) and instructions for engaging a person experiencing dementia in fun, unique activities. Included in the activity program: Community Helpers Cards, Connecting Butterflies and Flowers, Bean Bag Toss, Pentominoes Puzzle, Food Memory Cards, Shut the Box Game and Emotions.


$259 includes: sturdy yellow tote, 7 resealable bags with product and laminated user-friendly instruction sheets for 67 individual and group activities.

Community Helpers
We know how often the person with dementia can lose the connection with the world around them. These cards and activities are intended to help an individual reconnect and remember the people in their community.
Butterflies And Flowers
We provide many activity ideas for the individual who loved to garden and who loved the outdoors. These butterflies and flowers will aid in reconnecting with a treasured pastime. Just seeing the bright colors bring smiles and trigger reminiscing.
Bean Bag Toss
Competition that is fun and affirming was the intent of choosing this activity. This game has many opportunities to provide the feeling of victory while encouraging laughter and pleasure. Enjoy playing bean bag toss, counting, keeping score, color matching, bean bag slide and what is red and blue.
There are many seniors who enjoyed working jigsaw puzzles. The Pentominoes activities are meant to bring back the joy of that pleasure. Manipulating the pieces of the puzzle is good for dexterity and can provide opportunities for organizing and problem solving at a very basic level.
Food Memory Cards
Our memory card game is ideal for the individual who enjoyed playing cards and games yet needs a simpler version. Since eating is an area of concern for care providers, we utilize food cards. The individual gets to match food, sort food, plan a meal, play concentration and a variation of go-fish.
Shut the Box
Mathematics is a part of everyday life… professionally, at home or even having fun in a casino. With Shut the Box, rolling the die and flipping the numbers can provide a way to stimulate number recognition while offering opportunities for simple math fun.
We have had many requests for emotion activities. These beautiful photo cards provide activities around the 5 most recognizable emotions: happy, sad, angry, surprised and disgusted. The activities provide an opportunity for the individual with memory loss to get in touch with emotions through matching, sorting, why/because discussions, story-telling and reminiscing.
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