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I am grateful to my colleagues who helped develop the Brainy Day Program. And to all of you who have endorsed and embraced Brainy Day! I welcome each day knowing that we add a smile, a little laughter and a better quality of life to those struggling with dementia.


Ginny Rosen

President /Owner

The Goal: to provide joy and laughter to those with dementia and their care providers


There are very few games, toys and products devoted to seniors with memory loss that provide appropriate stimulation, reasonable challenges and true enjoyment. Most products are not age-appropriate and tend to be quite juvenile. Often a senior with memory loss sits idly in front of a TV or they are given a product found in a pre-school environment. The Brainy Day Activity Program was based on a concept developed by a nationally certified activity director with over 20 years of experience with seniors and dementia. The challenge was to find products that were unique, adult, safe, colorful (this appeals to individuals with dementia) and fun. And once we found the product, we needed to create activities that would be appropriate for individuals in early, mid and late-stage dementia. We wanted to provide activities and games that would respect the dignity of seniors with memory loss. Activities that would provide true engagement and laughter and ultimately, provide as much enjoyment for the care provider as the senior with memory loss.


We spent one year searching, discovering and redefining the products and activities. We invited activity professionals, in-home care providers and consumers to participate in focus groups. We wanted these care givers to test the concept, the products and the activities. We refined and tweaked the program a bit more and in August of 2009, The Brainy Day Activity Program was introduced.

• The Cleveland Alzheimer’s Association has embraced the Brainy Day Activity program. We will be eternally grateful for their partnership and support in making organizations and consumers aware of the Brainy Day Activity program.




Visit the Cleveland Area Alzheimer's Association Chapter's Web Site


• Our fulfillment is handled by CEVEC Industries. CEVEC was established as a means of channeling project work from local businesses to young adults with special abilities. Their work is 100% inspected before it leaves our facility. These students provide quality work and are a joy to HippoCampus Headquarters.

Our Focus Groups!

HippoCampus Headquarters participated in multiple focus groups with activity directors and care providers. Our products and activities have been refined by the activity directors and care providers who service individuals with memory loss. Throughout this site you will see quotations from our last focus group and the activity directors who applauded our efforts.

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